Nov. 19 Stop That Train: 5th General Assembly

Posted: November 22, 2011 in Uncategorized

The 5th General Assembly of Occupy Red Bank was held at the Red Bank Train Station. It was a celebration of our 1 month anniversary and discuss ongoing campaigns.
Occupy Red Bank members exchanged fliers that we had all been working on. Our flier campaign has been working very well as a way to create dialogue with the general community.
Occupiers updated each other on actions being taken to further the movement and our cause. Some occupiers reported about their Move-to-Amend meetings (they had a conference call house party with a call from Bernie Sanders).
Others spoke about the Occupy DRBC campaign to stop gas companies from fracking in the Delaware Basin (yes, that vote has been pushed back, no date set yet).


Occupy Red Bank was informed of a zoning board meeting on the 21st. This zoning board meeting was to discuss variance approvals for the creation of a 7 story Hampton Inn on the site of the abandoned gas station at the foot of the Cooper Bridge. The investment group backing the Hampton Inn is Red Bank Capital, LLC. Prior to forming Red Bank Capital, Mr. Joseph Turchyn served as Senior Vice President of Proprietary Investments for Oppenheimer & Co and was Equity head at UBS. FYI.

Occupy Red Bank was also informed of some information that was passed on the “DL.”
First tidbit was that a local merchant had told us that he almost had to ask a financial advisor to leave his store because he was yelling so loudly about Occupy Red Bank.

Second tidbit of information came from an anonymous source.Above the Chase Bank in Red Bank sits an unassuming second floor office space. This office space is rented to G Capital Management. This would not be interesting except for the fact that most of the employees are former employees of Goldman Sachs. Not so interesting? How about this, the top two guys were the Global Heads of Risk Allocation, and Fixed Income and Derivatives Operations. These are two of the reasons for the World Financial Meltdown in 2008. Both of these people, left in late 2006. Just as their boss, Henry Paulson became Secretary of the Treasury, and architect of the Bailout.

Very interesting that they got out right before the stuff hit the fan, especially since they worked in the fields that caused it.


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