Nov. 17 #N17 Day of Global Action

Posted: November 22, 2011 in Uncategorized

In solidarity with #N17, Occupy Red Bank members stood out front of the Chase bank and handed out Bank Transfer fliers. The police were called within the first hour. The officer simply informed us of our rights: stand on this side of the sidewalk, don’t obstruct, don’t harass. We explained to the officer that Occupy Red Bank stands with the police because they are the 99%. We explained we know what Business interests want to do with them, as is the case with all public institutions, they want privatization. He left with a smile, tho a patrol car did hang out down the block for most of the time we were present.

The public reaction was amazing. Many members of the community accepted the fliers, and proceeded to engage in civil dialogue. We learned many people had ALREADY switched their accounts (YAY!), and those who hadn’t said they were glad to have the information because they had be considering doing so but were not sure of how to go about switching banks. Some people even took extras for their friends. Only one person got snippy with us:

“I drive a Mercedes, does it look like I am on your side?” Apparently, trying to help the community out is a “side” now.
The Chase bank (owned by J.P. Morgan) provides great visibility for our cause. You could see heads turning in cars, hear the honking of horns, feel the general excitement of the people.

The only weapons we have are our rights and information. We plan to use them.

Occupy Your Rights. Occupy Public Spaces. Occupy the Conversation. Occupy Everywhere.


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